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7 Tips to Boost Your Content with Marketing Automation

Content is king. However, in order to grace your content strategy with a crown you need to ensure that your content aligns with your overall strategy. In other words: it’s crucial that your content achieves optimal relevance, and in turn, maximises your return on investment (ROI). Eager to find out how? We’ll guide you through seven tested strategies!


Align Your Content with Your Overall Business Strategy

It takes time to produce quality content that strikes a chord. Even though a lot of companies put time and effort into creating high quaility content such as videos and e-books, it doesn’t necessarily translate into a high ROI.
In order to create ultimate bang for you buck, your content must align with your company's overall business strategy. Why? Simply to ensure that you’re not producing heaps of high-quality content that your target audience won’t find relevant.

Place Your Content in a Context

Content marketing is powerful. However, it only reaches its full potential when you put your content in the right context. It’s not about who screams the loudest – rather who’s able to create the most relevant content that enriches the customer experience.
The truth is: you’re irrelevant until the customer is ready for your content. On the other hand, if you deliver the right content at the right time, you achieve bulls-eye in terms of relevance. And your leads and customers will move down the customer journey on their own accord. So, how can you pinpoint the right context and maximise your content’s ROI? Here’s where marketing automation enters the picture.
In essence, a system for marketing automation automates the distribution of your content according to the recipient’s level of expressed interest. In addition, it measures and scores the leads you manage to generate. The result? Amplified relevance and maximised ROI!
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How Marketing Automation Creates Intelligent Content

Your strategy is the very core of your marketing. However, once your strategy is set in stone, you should advance your content’s range and relevance with the help of marketing automation.
In order to optimise your content’s relevance, you should continuously ensure that the strategy aligns with the content you use in your marketing automation. So, what tricks can you use in order to increase your ROI with the help of marketing automation? 
Create Forms
In order to create personalised content, you need to gain in-depth customer insights – and have their consent to send targeted infroamtion. A great way to collect valuable customer data is by creating forms. Every answer presents an opportunity for you to learn more about your visitors – and how to reach them the right way.
Lead Scoring
People who sign up for a webinar about your latest product are more likely to buy from you compared to people who signed up for your newsletter. Use your marketing automation software as a mean to identify your potential customers. By scoring your leads, you’re able to focus on the leads that are the likeliest to convert into paying customers.
Create Trigger Points that Monitor Engagement
You can measure your lead’s level of engagement with the help of automated flows. Indicators of activity can be clicks, return visits to your website or downloaded content. The level of activity should be a variable in your lead scoring. Want to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers? Adjust your content according to the individual customer’s activity, such as clicks and log-ins on your website. Once again: The right context is the key to content-success.
Personalise Your Webpage
Ready to take your content to the next level? You should consider to personalise your website’s content. By adjusting your content to the customer’s expressed behaviour online, you’re able to present the individual with content that’s relevant to the individual’s level of interest and status in the sales funnel.
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Activate Automated Flows
Automated flows is an effective and impactful way to nudge the prospect to take the next step in the customer sales journey. If a lead downloads a whitepaper, the action should be followed up with additional content.
Nurture Existing Customers
The sales journey should be viewed as circular – not linear. This means that you need to focus on nurturing existing customers as well. With the help of personalised content, you’ll increase the chance of repurchase – and reduce the risk of churn.
Follow-up and Learn
An important step in successful marketing automation is to follow-up the results of your campaigns. With the assistance of a report that paints a picture of the amount of generated traffic, number of clicks and conversions – you’re able to analyse and tailor your content for each and every segment.
Marketing automation is a powerful tool that distributes your content and puts it to the test. In addition, it collects data that can be analysed in order to gain invaluable customer insights in the quest to create personalised and relevant content. The result? Maximised ROI!
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