Connect your CRM to an All-in-One Marketing Platform

Your CRM data is way too important to keep in a silo outside your marketing platform. Our two-way CRM integrations give you the power to decide what, when and how to sync data between your marketing platform and CRM. 

Serve your marketing team with detailed data from your CRM customer cards, and engage your sales organisation with fresh insights about how each customer interacts with your brand.

Talk to sales

Microsoft Dynamics

Our smooth two-way integration makes sure that both marketing and sales work with accurate real-time data.


Unify sales, marketing and support into one effective platform by integrating for real-time insights.

Keep your data in sync

Sync data between your CRM Contacts and Profiles in APSIS One. Keep your data up to date with automatic sync, in real-time.

Use your CRM lists in APSIS One

Access and use your CRM marketing lists to create personalised email marketing in APSIS One.

Grow your list of CRM contacts

Push profiles that sign up via APSIS One into your CRM, and let your sales team pick up new leads faster.

APSIS Integrations

CRM Contacts and Customer Profiles in perfect sync

Our CRM integrations automatically keep your customer data in sync to ensure a shared unified view across your marketing and CRM touchpoints. This way, you’re able to send timely marketing messages and maintain a relevant dialogue with your customers and leads. Control your data by deciding what, when and how often your data should be synced. 

Supercharge your customer journey with our two-way integrations.